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Meet Marcos Mirabal from Crazy Vinyl Records

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- Marcos! Thank you so much for meeting with us today. Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you started Crazy Vinyl Records?

I have always enjoyed listening to music! While getting some vinyls for my collection I started to meet people who shared the same interests. I recommended some titles and grew some customers online on different marketplaces. I also enjoy the ambiance at the breweries which I frequently visit. So it just made sense to begin my business mixing my two big interests and turn them into a business and offer something unique to these bars.

We've certainly noticed the breweries love you. You're vibe is chill and kind; it's what we love about you too. Tell us, what are three main things you enjoy about being a business owner?

I really like the closeness with the customers and to learn as much as I can from their music preferences, discover new artists and also sharing my experiences. It is really great to make it a different experience.

What is your personal favorite vinyl record?

This is a very hard question! But if I have to choose it would be Tool - Lateralus! It is a great music trip from the beginning until the end and the whole philosophy behind this album resounds with me.

We can tell you truly love music and what you sell. What is your favorite genre of music?

Rock in general, including classic and modern bands.

Last question, what has been the coolest moment you've experienced thus far in your business?

Being able to motivate someone to get to know and love this format as I do.

Marcos, thank you again for your time. Your vinyl's are awesome as are you.

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