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Meet Aneth Lusardi of Grain of Sand by Aneth

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We appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Can you briefly introduce yourself?

My name is Aneth Lusardi, and I was born and raised in Ecuador with a European background on both my parents’ sides! I lived in Miami Beach during my early teen years, and met my Italian husband at 17 years old. We got married 6 years later and planted our roots in Margarita Island, Venezuela where we raised our two daughters up until the early 2000s when we decided to return to Miami. I really consider myself a melting pot of many cultures and backgrounds that have played a very integral role in my development as a young woman, and now as an entrepreneur and business owner!

That's an incredible backstory. Now, as an entrepreneur and business owner, what would be your greatest advice to a new business owner?

My biggest piece of advice to another business owner would be that, no matter what niche or business arena you find yourself in, be yourself and stay focused on your goals. It can be easy to look around you and become overwhelmed, discouraged and intimidated, especially since we live in a world that preaches “hustle culture”. There is space for everyone in the industry, and you need to take the time to identify what makes your business unique and create goals that are tangible and can demonstrate those unique qualities to your customers. Once you begin to focus too much on what others are doing around you, you will begin to lose sight of what you have in front of you - and that’s when you can lose your momentum for growth. People love something that is authentic and genuine, so mirror that authenticity through your business.

Wow, what an excellent piece of advice and one that many people need to hear. Thank you for sharing that. Aneth, your jewelry pieces are so colorful and trendy. Is it a reflection of how you are as a person?

Thank you so much! I do believe each design reflects where I find my inspiration, and that can be different for each piece and each collection. I lived on an island in Venezuela for many years, and I spend a lot of my time by the ocean. While some pieces are inspired by my love for the ocean, pearls and the colors of nature, other pieces are inspired by my childhood memories in Miami, and the cultural diversity that exists here. My creativity is inspired by the scenic images I carry with me from various stages of my life.

Tell us about NBC's The Today Show! What a fantastic accomplishment. How were you featured on their show?

Being featured on NBC’s The Today Show was so surreal and one of my favorite moments of the year thus far. I have always prioritized cultivating a space within my business where women can support one another, which has given me the chance to meet some amazing, inspirational, and talented people. Consequently, it has allowed me to establish some very wonderful friendships and relationships with other women who have given me amazing opportunities, whether that be through a television segment, word of mouth, or social media coverage!

We all have a different way of looking at and defining success. How do you define success?

Success for me is achieved when I have achieved goals I set for myself - whether they’re big goals or small goals. Success for me, also has various compartments. For example, you can be successful in your finances, but unsuccessful in maintaining friendships, or successful in your relationships, but unsuccessful in your role as a business owner. It all depends on whether you view success holistically, or individually. Viewing success as this one big “AHA” moment puts so much unnecessary pressure to perform infallibly in all aspects of life. Viewing success in compartments has helped me be kinder to myself and set realistic goals in those areas that need more attention and accountability. Success to me means being a present wife, a compassionate mother, a reliable boss, a good steward of my time, the list goes on!

Beautifully said. What are your plans for the future of Grain of Sand by Aneth?

Right now, our short term future plan that we just finalized was our Summer Collection photoshoot and launch, which happened this past week on June 21st! We spent several months working behind the scenes and creating this collection and have anticipated this launch with such eager hearts, which is finally here! We launched over 100 designs and are so proud to finally see our visions come to life! In the long term, we plan to expand our brand within the U.S. through the opening of different store locations, giving our out-of-state customers the opportunity to shop our products in-store as well!

Congratulations on such an incredible accomplishment! You, your family, and your brand have a strong powerful presence and with conviction like yours Grain of Sand by Aneth will be will known throughout the U.S. and beyond.


  • Prices starting from $17, all the way up to $200+ depending on the craftsmanship, complexity, and types of materials we use.

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