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Meet Stef Salcedo from Ojos de Gitana


Hi Stef! We appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Can you start by briefly introducing yourself?

My name is Stef Salcedo, wife, mom of 2 and a bonus mom to 2 more beautiful children. Ojos de Gitana was created around the idea of making something beautiful for my 3 daughters (hence each letter stands for their name) and creating protective yet stylish pieces for people to wear. Showing them how to protect their energies, how to protect their auras, all while teaching others and showing them that anything is possible! Each one teach one! But I don’t stop there I make a lot of custom jewelry for bridal parties, small businesses, to gift for employees, and many other jewelry pieces that don’t have to contain mal de ojo, you create anything your mind envisions.

What are your thoughts while you're creating your art?

My thoughts while creating are always running a mile a minute, before I create I map everything out and try different patterns, colors, all before getting it right. Once I have the idea that’s when it gets really important when conscious creating for others. I try to always create with the highest of energy, pure intention, and above all happiness. Energy transmits to what you touch, think, speak and for me it’s super important to carefully create having a clear mind and vibrating at my highest.

No truer words have ever been spoken. We definitely believe that. What can someone expect to see from viewing your content?

When viewing my content you will see it all! I am constantly trying to follow the trend of making reels like funny ones, product packing your orders, and the real grind behind having a business etc. Also while looking at my page you’ll see all the beautiful pieces I create, some custom, some thought of by me, some inspired that pushed me to create to see the vision come life.

Those reels are great! What are three main things you enjoy about being a business owner?

The 3 main things I enjoy about being a business owner are:

1) The ability to create my own schedule around my busy life as a mom and wife.

2) Attend markets and events to expand my business, meet new people, social network, and see what others have to offer as well. Those are always so much fun!

3) Show my kids the impossible is possible with hard work and dedication. Lead by example for them, show that a 9-5 isn’t all that life has to offer. If you have an idea run with it!

Preach, sis!! Tell us, what's next for O.G. Jewels LLC?

In the future for O.G. Jewels I am hoping to expand more into the metaphysical world and eventually own a storefront where I can offer more than just jewelry. Embarking in my own spiritual journey all that I have learned I would love to help and share with others. Everything is energy, protect your energy at all costs.

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Aug 30, 2022

So cute.

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