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Meet Gisela Rivera-Joh From Hello Sunshine Creations


We appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Can you start by briefly introducing yourself?

My name is Gisela, AKA Gisy, and I'm the owner of Hello Sunshine Creations. Hello Sunshine Creations consists of personalized or custom items such as t-shirts, snowglobe cups and tumblers - this last one being our main product. The tumblers are stainless steel and can be designed or decorated with glitter, fabric, paint, 3-D items, etc...the possibilities are endless. I started HSC about a year ago after watching a video on YouTube of a crafter making a tumbler and decided to give it a shot. I loved it since day 1! I always thought I didn't know where my kids got their talents from (my son is a musician and my daughter is a dancer), but now I know. ;)

Talented you are, 100%! What has been the coolest moment you've experienced thus far in your business?

Coolest moment? Besides this one? Lol

I think I may have two coolest moments. The first moment was when we were finally able to launch the website - this happened about five months after having Hello Sunshine on Instagram. This was a great accomplishment. The second coolest moment was when a well-known tumbler designer liked my pictures on Instagram and started following our page. It was so surreal.

Oh, wow. Congratulations, that's awesome. Tell us, what are three main things you enjoy about being a business owner?

Three things I enjoy about being a business owner are:

- The look of customers' faces once he or she receives a custom item/tumbler.

- The joy I get while creating new items.

- Networking with other small business owners. I enjoy meeting at events and exchanging information.

We agree, meeting other small business owners is incredibly enjoyable. What is your personal favorite product you sell and why?

My personal favorite product I sell is probably the bee tumbler - which has become my best seller. The reason why it's my favorite is because it has a little bit of everything - peek-a-boo glitter for the honeycomb, painted with alcohol ink, faux honey drip and a bling lid for that extra sparkle and or course bee charms for 3-D effect. It has all in one!

It's definitely a super cool tumbler! Gisy, where do you see Hello Sunshine Creations in the near future?

In the near future, I'm hoping for growth for Hello Sunshine Creations and that it is recognized for the art and creativity of personalized items, but especially the tumblers. I want to bring a ray of sunshine to everyone who purchases or is gifted an item from HSC. In addition, I want to be able to network and collaborate with other small business owners.

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us today. It was truly a pleasure.

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Aug 10, 2022

Love, Gisela!

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