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Meet Lauren and Alessandra from The Flora Buds

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Lauren and Ale, thank you for meeting with us today! Can tell us a little bit about yourselves and how the two flora buds met.

We always say “mothers first, florists second” but the truth is - we were friends first. We met in high school in Coconut Grove and the rest is ancient history.

High school buds, does it get any better? What made you decide to go into business together?

Having recently become new moms we wanted more freedom to be present at home yet still craved a creative outlet so we finally took the plunge and decided to turn what was then just a hobby into a business.

For our readers who may be starting a business with a friend or relative, what has been your biggest challenge working together and how have you overcome it?

We’re happy to report it’s been a smooth ride and the hardest part for us has probably been finding a work life balance within our friendship. Shutting work off and prioritizing the original relationship.

We can relate to that being sisters. It's definitely not always easy shifting from work mode to friend mode. Tell us, what motivates you each to keep going when times get tough?

This answer is twofold in that sometimes the main motivator is as basic as needing to make money for bills or as complex as the flexibility at home that this job allows. Both are enough for us to push through in the lows between the highs.

What has been the coolest moment you've experienced thus far in your business?

We were asked to partake in the Fleur Des Villes show at Bal Harbor this year. We drooled over the installs last year and it was truly an honor to work & ultimately be on display alongside so many amazing local florists. Not to mention we proved to ourselves that even with our small team of two (& a little help from a “friendor” bestie) we could keep a large scale installation alive for 10 days.

Installment at the Fleur Des Villes Show at Bal Harbor completed by The Flora Buds

What an amazing accomplishment! The installment is absolutely breathtaking. One last question, what's next for The Flora Buds?

We can promise a lot more direct to consumer offerings - stem bars, workshops and our greenery for the home membership. It’s true, we really love the people. Not to mention next season’s weddings and of course, we’re still here for any and all events that come our way! Make sure to keep up with us on Instagram for all of our flora buds latest.

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